Pedunculate oak gemmotherapy - Herbiolys

Fresh organic bud macerate of Quercus rabur / pedunculata - pedunculate oak, harvested in France and macerated at full freshness by Herbiolys (gemmotherapy). Bottle with dropper in amber glass of 50 mL. One bottle provides a cure of at least 25 days.


Indication: Immunity and tonus

When to use it ? The bud of pedunculate oak in gemmotherapy is a great restorer of the general physical, intellectual and moral state. It is also a general drainer. It can reinforce the immune system. It is said: "Strong as an oak".



Organic vegetable glycerin, Organic grain alcohol (gluten free), Low mineralized spring water, Organic fresh Oak leaf bud 3% (Quercus robur / pedunculata)

Alc. 25% Vol

Hand blended product

organic = ingredient from organic farming.


Concentration in fresh organic buds: 3150mg/100ml.

Lowest percentage of organic grain alcohol on the market: 25% v/v.

The fresh buds are put into maceration on the spot where they are picked.


Instructions for use : Follow a 3-week cure, to be renewed if necessary after a one week break. Take 15 drops morning and evening, diluted in a glass of water, preferably not during meals.


Gemmotherapy is the use of plant embryonic tissues such as buds, rootlets and young shoots. This technique comes from the research of Dr Pol HENRY and Max TETAUX. They contain the potential of the plant's totum. They are macerated in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerin. For this reason, they are called glycerine macerates.


All Herbiolys bud macerates are made from fresh organic buds. They are put in maceration immediately at the place of harvest, in France. All Herbiolys products are certified Nature & Progrès and Agriculture bio and labeled Slow Cosmétique.


If you are pregnant or nursing, ask your doctor for advice. Keep out of reach of young children. This food supplement cannot replace a balanced and varied diet.


Non contractual photo. Food complement. Recommendations of the manufacturer.

Pedunculate oak gemmotherapy - Herbiolys