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How to overcome exam stress with Bach flowers?

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

What do we need during exam time?

From start to finish, students need to think clearly and concentrate.

Good concentration and a good memory enables you to understand and assimilate the lessons well, whether you are in secondary school, higher education, training, etc.

Stress can lead to insomnia... Insomnia means less assimilation of lessons and poorer performance in writing and speaking. It is therefore important to get a good night's sleep, limiting the anxiety at the end of the day. Perhaps it would be better not to revise late at night but rather to relax, go to bed early and make good use of the day's energy.

On the day, when you are in front of your exam paper or examiners, you need to be able to cope with stage fright and the fear of failure.

Too many students are afraid to fail and so they blow their chances. You have studied all year, go all the way!

Bach flowers are there to help you. We will tell you which ones are suitable for common situations during revision and examination periods.

Keep Mental Clarity with White Chestnut

Does the feeling of “going crazy" sound familiar? This is the feeling that White Chestnut helps you to prevent: your mind is overworked; you have a thousand ideas, a thousand concerns. What if, what if?

Will I fail this subject? Will I have time to revise this topic? How will I do my flashcards? What if I am late for the exam?

The white chestnut tree will calm you and help you focus on THE subject at hand. Inner serenity, regained!

Sleep Better with the Aspen Flower

Your nights are filled with nightmares and anxieties. How can you have confidence in the future when you have no certainty: which subject will I fail? Who will correct me? Will the examiner understand? What if I am sick on the day of the exam? What if I forget my kit?

We developed the emotional properties of Aspen in this article "Aspen, the Bach Flower for unidentified fears".

Aspen will help you gain confidence in your future. Doesn't uncertainty have a certain charm? Then you have the ability to succeed. And if it doesn't work out this time, you'll try again or you'll find a path that suits you.

You cannot control everything in life. Accepting this part of the mystery by letting go means welcoming a future that you certainly did not foresee, but which can bring you great, unexpected riches.

No Longer Afraid of Failure: Larch

Do you lack confidence and tend to devalue yourself? "I'll never make it", "I'm no good" ... and all these little self-sabotaging phrases speak to you?

You have a Larch profile...

What if you became your own best friend?

What would you say to someone who is important to you, who constantly devalues him or herself?

What would I say to my best friend?

"You have already succeeded in the past", "you have skills to show off", "this skill is valued in you, make it your strong point"...

Finding the words: Larch always to the rescue!

We have developed a specific floral compound called "Ewenn, eloquence", which you can buy online at Vivicorsi Bio, and which contains larch, but also other flowers - contemporary floral elixirs from the Deva les émotions laboratory.

Larch will give you that touch of assurance you need to overcome your shyness and stage fright.

And if you are afraid of your examiner, tell yourself that they often have to speak in front of a class, maybe they have stage fright too?

Good luck! And don't forget: breathe ;-)

Annick Vivicorsi

Translation by


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