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Gemmotherapy: Viburnum

Viburnum Lantana - Adoxaceae

The Viburnum bud is a lung drainer, which prevents and relieves respiratory allergies, particularly asthma.

Properties and Indications of the Viburnum Bud

- Supports the allergic terrain and reduces bronchial spasms

- Relieves asthma, including in children

- Useful in case of atopic dermatitis.

Directions for Use of the Viburnum Gemmotherapy

The number of drops to be taken depends on the concentration of the bud solution.

It is recommended to take Viburnum gemmotherapy before meals, if possible 15 minutes to one hour - or otherwise 1h30 to 2 hours after meals.

The Viburnum bud solution is taken directly under the tongue or diluted in a bit of water.

It is taken as a 3-week course of treatment, to be repeated if necessary after a 1-week break.

Notable Side Effects and Contra-indications

Gemmotherapy does not present with any toxicity: children and pregnant women can therefore take it while respecting some precautionary principles dictated by common sense.

Herbiolys markets gemmotherapy without alcohol.

Author: Annick Vivicorsi, founder of

As the author is not a doctor, do not use this information for your own self-medication. Consult a plant therapist (herbalist or naturopath) or your GP, or even a specialist. These practitioners will provide a medical diagnosis that is specific to you and they will have the necessary skills to establish the compatibility of your possible medication with this plant, within the framework of an integrated medicinal and naturopathy treatment.


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